Traditional Village Feasts

Traditional village summer festas are a fixed highlight of the local calendar. Street and church decorations are very much a part of all the logistical arrangements involved, with so much planning and thought being invested by hundreds of volunteers.

At D Illumination it is our pleasure to work closely with the relevant organisers of the external festivities related to the celebration of these patron saints during the summer in towns and villages across the Maltese Islands. We have built our expertise over several decades and offer any combination of services, equipment and all the items that contribute to a successful feast, including cabling and temporary meters.


Equipment can be ordered to the organisers’ specifications. This includes:

  • Traditional festoons in any shape, length and width;
  • LED bulbs for the traditional illumination of church and other building façades;
  • State-of-the-art LED lighting for streets and buildings;
  • Gobos projectors for the illumination of churches, buildings or even specific sites for any application, including advertising; and
  • Floodlighting of all sizes of open spaces.

Areas to be lit up

The entire area of a town or village, including the parish church and other significant buildings, can be lit up. The full list includes:

  • Streets and alleyways;
  • Squares and other public spaces;
  • Churches; and
  • Façades of prominent buildings.

Other Activities and Events