Annual Liturgical and Cultural Celebrations

There are several liturgical feasts celebrated around Malta and Gozo for which lighting and decorations add so much more value. Among these feasts are:

  • Fixed feasts throughout the year, like that of St Paul Shipwrecked;
  • Carnival;
  • Holy Week, including Good Friday; and
  • Easter.


Equipment can be ordered to the organisers’ specifications. This includes:

  • Traditional festoons in any shape, length and width;
  • LED bulbs for the traditional illumination of church and other building façades;
  • State-of-the-art LED lighting for streets and buildings;
  • Gobos projectors for the illumination of churches, buildings or even specific sites for any application, including advertising;
  • Cabling and temporary meters; and
  • Floodlighting of all sizes of open spaces.

Areas to be lit up

The entire area of a town or village, including the parish church and other significant buildings can be lit up. Alternatively, the lighting can be limited to a single area, like the square in front of the church. The full list includes:

  • Streets and alleyways;
  • Squares and other public spaces;
  • Churches; and
  • Façades of prominent buildings.

Other Activities and Events