Commercial, Retail and Residential Real Estate

Piecemeal developments are a thing of the past. Mixed use developments, combining office space, retail outlets and residences are very much the way forward and we have seen many such developments becoming an accepted part of the local landscape. Owners of this real estate, or even landmark buildings like corporate offices need to stand out even after dark, especially over the long autumn and winter nights. D Illumination can help you plan professionally, design lighting to your specifications and budget and finally use the sort of illumination that will make these developments stand out.

  • Shopping centres;
  • Flagship stores;
  • Multi-outlet developments;
  • Retail chains;
  • Petrol stations;
  • Company headquarters;
  • Industrial complexes;
  • Commercial offices;
  • Banks;
  • Insurance Company offices; and
  • Car parks.

Other Locations Covered