Architectural Lighting

The primary equipment used to light architectural structures, including churches, domes and the façades of prominent buildings is Gobos projectors. These are sourced from our Italian partners, Proietta srl, who have over two decades of experience in the design and manufacture of professional architectural lighting projects for events, festivities, Christmas lighting and advertising.

The Gobos projectors used by D Illumination are ideal for both medium and large format projections that can transform any architectural surface into an amazing scene. Allow your passion and creativity to run wild and the results will be truly amazing. These projectors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and in all types of weather conditions.

The Gobos manufacturing process allows the engraving of custom gobos in just a few hours. Hundreds of standard images and dynamic effects are available, depending on your event.

Areas to be lit up

Any type of architectural structure can be a backdrop for the lighting systems provided by D Illumination. The full list of scenarios for this lighting includes:

  • Christmas projections with the wintery, festive theme;
  • Summer outdoor parties;
  • Specific architectural buildings during festivals or specific events;
  • Halloween parties;
  • Sports events;
  • Concerts of all types;
  • Advertising messages; and
  • Annual national and local celebrations.

Other Activities and Events