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Swag Lite®

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Enormous luminosity caused by many light points on short track

Product description
The 2-meter long Swag Lite® stands out for its enormous luminosity resulting from the many points of light arranged on a short length of cable. Each light string shines with a total of 360 patented LEDs. Due to the branching arrangement along the main support cable its light has an irregular appearance resembling that of a garland. With the help of the patented QUICK FIX® system, up to 8 Swag Lite® strings can be easily connected up with each other.

Decoration solutions
Swag Lite® is versatile in its uses and a particularly popular choice for contour decorations, e.g. of gables or balconies, and as a decoration over and across corridors or streets etc. The stylized branches of the string are flexible facilitating the combination with decorative elements, such as Christmas balls.

Product Items:
Swag Lite® 360
Product Type:
QuickFix® Outdoor
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