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String Lite®

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Low voltage Christmas light chains

Product description
Our LED String Lite® is also available as a 36-volt low voltage product. The popular light string can be ordered in the lengths 4m (Crystal Lite®), 12m and 20m. String Lite® features points of light fixed directly to the light cable. A string is generally made up of multiple segments. By means of the patented Quick-Fix® system, several segments may be connected together with no problems. The power supply for all the 36V light strings to be connected is provided by a central transformer. The number of light strings which may be connected up is governed both by the rating of the transformer selected and the maximum length of a decoration string. String Lite® comes with either 40 or 120 shining points of LED light according to product. Each segment can be individually replaced.

Decoration solutions
String Lites® with their myriad tiny points of light give the observer a lively, fun and atmospheric impression. This professional choice for light strings, is perfectly suited for the decoration of trees, shrubs and bushes. It is also very popular for window frames and outline decorations, e.g. gables and balconies. The LEDs are available in the colors brilliant white and warm white.