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Ice Lite®

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Professional icicle Christmas lights

Product description
The main support cable consists of several segments; according to the product chosen, these are either 1m or 1.5m in length. Light strings of unequal length are attached to it at a 90° angle, creating the shape of an icicle formation. By means of the patented Quick-Fix® system, multiple strings may be joined together without problems – dependent again on the exact model, 10 to 20 units can be connected. The individual strings shine with a choice of 114, 174 or 304 patented points of LED light. The strings of each icicle formation are available in the lengths 0.5m, 0.9m and 1.5m. Whilst individual strings cannot be replaced, the segments are easily interchangeable.

Decoration solutions
The appeal of Ice Lites® lies in their irregular appearance, resembling that of an icicle formation. The effect is relaxed, delicate, informal and yet graceful, firmly emphasizing the individual charm of your building. The LEDs are available in various colors. Ice Lites® are ideal for gable and facade decorations, well suited for the creation of motifs in combination with other products (e.g. Ice Drops or Snowball), and embellish whole streets with the aid of steel cables.