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Ice Lite®

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Low voltage icicle Christmas lights

Product description
Our LED Ice Lite® is also available as a 36-volt low voltage product. The main support cable consists of two segments, each 1m long. Light strings of unequal length are attached to it at a 90° angle, creating the shape of an icicle formation. By means of the patented Quick-Fix® System, multiple strings may be connected together without problems. The power supply for all the 36V products connected together is provided by a central transformer. The number of icicle light curtains that may be connected up is governed by the choice of transformer. Ice Lite® shines with 120 patented points of LED light. The segments, in the shape of an icicle formation, are available in lengths of 0.9m. Whilst individual strings cannot be replaced, each segment can be exchanged for a new one without problem.

Decoration solutions
The appeal of Ice Lites® lies in their irregular appearance, resembling that of an icicle formation. The effect is relaxed, delicate, informal and yet graceful, firmly emphasizing an individual charm. This professional solution for light curtains is perfectly suited for gable, balcony and façade decorations, and brings a sparkle to entrances, windows and porch roofs. The LEDs are available in the colors brilliant white and warm white.

Product Type:
QuickFix® Low Voltage
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